Basic Skills Building Quizzes


John E. Erdei

Department of Physics
University of Dayton
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Rationale:  Astronomy is an area which draws upon the basic principles and laws from many areas of physics and mathematics.  Skills in these basics are developed in courses taken at both the high school and college level.   

Class time will not be utilized to develop these basic skills.  However, since these skills are so fundamental to the area of astronomy, the following set of quizzes have been developed which will enable those enrolled in Astronomy to test their knowledge and rebuild any skills which are lacking. 

These quizzes must be completed in accordance with the Basic Skills Quiz policies documented in the Current Course Syllabus.

Background material:  Although it is expected that you will be able to complete the Basic Algebra quiz without review, it is not expected that you will be necessarily be able to accomplish the rest of this quizzes from memory.  Each chapter, along with the background materials contained in the course Powerpoints (available at the PHY250 Homepage), provides sufficient foundational materials to complete each of the quizzes.

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Physics Background Information

Foundational Skills - Basic Algebra

Quiz 1 - Basic Trigonometry

Quiz 2 - Ellipses

Quiz 3 - Wave Basics

Quiz 4 - Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy

*    Quiz 5 - The Solar System